Deluxe Wheelchair Backpack


  • LOTS OF STORAGE: A waterproof wheelchair accessory with zip fastenings on the main and front pockets. Complete with a standard carry handle and two special loops to fit wheelchair handles.
  • EASY ATTACHMENT: Our wheelchair accessories for adults attach to the rear handles of almost any wheelchair using the two looped straps. This will not take anytime and allow for convenience when out with your wheelchair.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Our wheelchair shopping storage bag is lightweight yet made from strong, durable, waterproof polyester/PVC. These disability aids can also fit most mobility scooters as well as wheelchairs.
  • EASY ACCESS: Also ideal if you are out with a carer as they can easily access whatever you need, whether it be medical or just when its used as a shopping bag. You won’t need to waste time trying to get into various pockets.
  • ATTRACTIVE: The sleek design makes it an attract wheelchair accessory for seniors. When it is attached to the back of the wheelchair, you will hardly notice it is there. You have a choice of colours, that you think will best work.
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