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Individuals who suffer from chronic medical conditions face challenges on a daily basis.  Limited mobility can make it difficult and even painful to complete everyday tasks.  Lift chair recliners can offer unique benefits to individuals with chronic health conditions which can improve their ability to remain mobile and highly functional.

Pain Relief

“It really helps us get the pain in our backs under control and helps us to relax all over.” Suzanne C.  

Chronic conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis can be extremely painful. A lift chair recliner can fully recline and elevate a patient’s legs, thereby relieving the pain and discomfort created from chronic conditions.  In addition, the slow rise of a medical chair lift allows the individual to get up out of the chair easily, causing less painful and requiring less effort to get up from a seated position.

Improved Mobility and Energy

“I had been confined mostly to my bed because I have rheumatoid arthritis and could not stand up without the help of someone strong enough to pull me up to my feet. My new medical chair lifts me up gently to a full standing position so that I can then use my walker. I can now spend time in my living room watching TV or visiting with friends and family members.” Sandra Cain 

The simple task of getting in and out of a chair can be extremely difficult for people with stiff joints and other ailments. The lift function of a lift chair recliner enables a person to come to a complete upright position without having to struggle to get out of a chair. The user can then gradually be guided down to a sitting position.  This reduces the amount of energy expended on the task of getting in and out of a chair and helps prevent injuries and unnecessary strain.  Medical recliner chairs give disabled people improved mobility as well as increased energy which can be used for other important activities.

Reduced Risk of Falling

“It makes it so much easier for my Dad to get in and out of the chair and I don’t have to worry about him falling.” Kathy 

Getting in and out of a chair can be extremely risky for a person with balance issues. A medical lift recliner is there to support the user until the he or she is safely in an upright position. This added support stabilizes balance and reduces the risk of falling, which is especially critical for aging adults who easily sustain fractures.

Lifting recliners not only offer positive medical benefits for people with chronic medical conditions, they also provide therapeutic relaxation. This can help conserve energy, reduce pain and improve overall function. 

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Joint problems, and other common ailments that come with aging, can decrease mobility and restrict independence.  Luckily, there are simple and affordable tools that can help. If you or a loved one are finding it increasingly difficult to get up from a seated position, a lift chair could be the perfect solution. 

Benefits Of Owning A Lift Chair

Avoiding Injuries

For seniors and caregivers alike, safety is a number one concern.  A lift chair can prevent falls and unnecessary injuries by gently lifting you from a seated position and placing you squarely on your feet, all without any strain.  A lift chair can also help caregivers eliminate undue stress on their backs and shoulders caused by lifting patients.  Ultimately, a lift chair is both a practical and affordable way to help avoid injuries.

Improving Mobility

Lack of mobility can have both physical and psychological consequences.  Unfortunately, the less seniors move around, the more their mobility deteriorates.  Being confined to a chair or a bed can lead to a decrease in muscle mass, balance, coordination, and proper circulation.  Don’t let trouble standing wear away at your mobility.  Investing in a lift chair can get you up and moving, which will actually improve your overall mobility in the long run.  Physical activity can also boost your mood and help ward off depression.  Something as simple and inexpensive as a lift chair recliner can have a huge impact on your mobility and your quality of life.

Restoring Independence

Seniors want to be able to maintain an independent lifestyle for as long as possible.  No one wants to have to depend on others to do seemingly simple tasks like retrieve the phone or go to the bathroom.  A lift chair will allow seniors to get up and down and navigate their home without assistance, thus allowing them a greater sense of safety and independence.

Easing the Strain on Joints

Constantly struggling to rise can add unnecessary stress on arthritic weight-bearing joints, such as the knees and hips. Pushing against the arms of a chair may irritate wrists, elbows, and shoulders.  A lift chair can help you avoids all this strain by gently raising you to your feet.

This is particularly helpful for seniors who have had a joint resurfaced or replaced. In the weeks following a knee or hip replacement, dislocations can occur before the muscles and tendons have a chance to tighten into their natural positions.  A lift chair will ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Lift chairs allow seniors to regain independence, avoid injuries, or recover from surgery, all while being kind to tender or irritated joints. The gentle, stable motion of a lift chair will get you or your loved one up and moving around independently.

Lift Chairs As Post Operative Aids

For patients who have recently undergone surgery, lift chair recliners can be very helpful mobility aids. Post-surgery soreness and discomfort can make basic mobility difficult.  A lift chair is a practical and affordable tool that can make the recovery process easier for both the patient and the caregiver.

In particular, an infinite position or Zero Gravity lifting chair may be recommended by the doctor to promote proper spinal alignment, improve blood circulation, and increase lung capacity. This is typically accomplished by orienting the chair in what is known as the Trendelenberg position, in which the feet and legs are elevated above the heart.

A lift chair can also help patients get a goodnight’s sleep.  Following a major operation, many people experience difficulty in finding a comfortable sleep position that actually allows them to receive the restorative rest they need to make a quick and full recovery.  A lift chair can be adjusted to optimize comfort and reduce pain, allowing for deep, quality sleep without tossing and turning.

While many people attempt to find a rental lift chair, we advise against this idea. Rental lift chairs are hard to find and can be extremely unsanitary. Purchasing a lift chair can be very close to the cost of renting one, and you have the option of selling the lift chair later to recoup some of the cost.

For an easier and more comfortable recovery, choose a lift chair that best suits your individual needs.

Is my foot rest long enough?

There’s nothing worse than buying something in the wrong size – clothing, shoes, batteries, wrenches, you name it.  Some customer worry that they have picked the wrong size chair if their feet extend past the end of the foot rest. If you’ve noticed this, don’t be alarmed – this is actually the ideal positioning for your legs and feet. Take a look at the infographic below before you call to place a return – what you learn might just surprise you!

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