Transport Chairs

With four small wheels and lightweight frames, transport chairs are the perfect choice for moving someone to and from the house or around the mall. Transport wheelchairs are narrow, making them a good choice for tight hallways and narrow doorways around the house. These chairs are meant to be pushed by someone else, so the person in the wheelchair will not be able to self-propel.

Basic Wheelchairs

With weights starting at 35 pounds, basic wheelchairs are a reasonable choice when you need a wheelchair that will be used for less than 4 hours per day and when the user needs to self-propel, but you won’t be moving the wheelchair from place to place much. Our selection ranges from the most basic models with fixed leg rests and armrests to models that have elevating leg rests and removable armrests. There are also models with a “hemi” height option, which allows the user to lower the set-to-floor height and remove the leg rests so they can use their feet to help propel the chair. All of these chairs fold for transport and storage, but keep in mind that they can be on the heavy side, so we recommend considering a lightweight chair if you intent to take the chair with you in the car. Many people also find a cushion helpful for additional comfort.

Lightweight Wheelchairs 

These chairs weigh between 28-34 pounds, and are a great choice when you need a chair that will be used more frequently and that is easy to move from place to place. Lightweight wheelchairs also offer more customizable options than basic wheelchairs. Custom options include adjustable angle backs, more frame and upholstery colors, pneumatic (air-filled) tires, easy to remove wheels, a wide range of seating sizes and heights, and multiple leg rest and armrest choices. These are our most popular chairs, and the category we most highly recommend. We feel so strongly that most people will be happiest with a lightweight wheelchair that we are the only retailer that allows you to return a lightweight chair. Order with no risk! And don’t work about timing since many of the chairs are offered in Quick Ship configurations and can be on their way to you the same day you order.

Ultra lightweight Wheelchairs

Ultralightweight chairs weigh as little as 14 pounds and are available in both rigid and folding models. An ultralightweight chair is ideal for advanced users who spend the majority of their day in their chair and users who demand superior performance. These chairs are highly customizable and made to fit you like a glove. Our Product Experts can help you to select and configure the perfect ultralightweight wheelchair to fit your lifestyle and preferences perfectly.

Sport Wheelchairs

Take these chairs to the court or the mountains – sport wheelchairs come in models for nearly every kind of recreational sport out there. With wheelchairs for everything from tennis and basketball to handcycles, we can get you the right equipment for whatever pastime you choose.

Recliner & Tilt Wheelchairs

reclining wheelchair is ideal for users with limited mobility who spend the majority of their day in a wheelchair as it offers more flexibility for positioning the upper body. A tilt wheelchair offers alternative positioning and pressure relief for those who are unable to re-position themselves. Both of these options add weight to the wheelchair, so keep this in mind if easy transport is a concern.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Heavy Duty chairs can be transport wheelchairs, basic wheelchairs, or highly configurable models. The weight capacity for a heavy duty wheelchair will range from 300 pounds to 850 pounds. Our transport models will feature removable armrests and Legrests. Standard models will typically have seat will have seat widths ranging from 18″ to 24″. Seat heights that can be adjusted to 19.5″ or 17.5″ for those who propel with their feet. Higher weight capacity models will seat width options up to 30″ and will have options as varied as our most complex ultra lightweights. 

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